John Templeton (Owner of Emote Music and founder of the Great American Techno Festival) plays on Serato with 2 Technics turntables.

Matt Cavender aka 'The Missing Link' (with releases on Wagon Repair and Numbolic) plays on Ableton with an APC40 controller.

And Sequence using Traktor Pro 2 with the 4midiloop.

In the 'Live at the Would Shop II' recording they are all playing at the same time. None of the gear is midi synced. John and Sequence are mixing full tracks and loops using Traktor and Serato. Matt plays original tracks that he wrote on Ableton plus loops and vocal samples. They are all adding something to the mix over the course of the 2 hour recording.






SPRI'N'GUT - The new Nader Mix (AA 25 / 320kbs Mp3) / April 2012

And the last 5 Mixes (AA 20 - 24)  4 channel track & loopmixing made with Traktor Pro and the fantastic 4Midiloop controller! For more informations about Nader's work please visit:





TECHNO IS BACK a podcast by Federico Satura, added to demonstrate the musical ideas and the creative possibilities with 4midiloop.





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