DJ Rasp rocks the faders.... 4midloop with PRO X FADE... any questions?







4midiloop is ready for Traktor Pro 2.... DJ Maggi shows all the new features again with his perfect feeling and experience. Check out what you can do with 4midiloop!






High Density at Kulturzentrum Niesenberger Graz [02.12.11] Chris from DEEJAYSTORE Wien goes fat with 4midiloop... wanna more? Check this out !






What goes with the 4midiloop...? DJ Maggi navigate you through the functions of the controller, welcome aboard!






DJ Maggi, probably one of the most experienced Traktor user was playing live at Liquid Club Augsburg with the new 4midiloop controller!

He says: "absolutely uncompromising 4 Deck controller, I think you will not find something better with all the features... the controller is very clear and very similar to a traditional mixer!"






DJ Cussion Swiss DMC Champ 2006 plays with Toys!